Выкройки юбочек

Ready-made skirt patterns (20 models)

What is the most difficult thing when sewing leotard?

Many will answer:

— Skirts! How to cut it?  Where should I sew it? What should be the length? How to trim the bottom edge beautifully and smoothly?

And in order to make it easier to work on this part of the leotard, I created a set of ready-made skirt patterns.

The updated set includes 20 models in different styles.

The patterns are made for ALL SIZES from 3 to 20 years old.

The cost of the complete set is $21 (€19).

You can print the patterns on a regular A4 printer and glue the sheets together. 

And if you know how to work in the CorelDRAW program, you can use the digital skirt patterns that are also included in this set. 

If you have previously purchased a set of 10 models, write to me and I will send you an update (for free).

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