Table of standard sizes of gymnasts


    Often I receive emails with questions about whether I have some kind of table with a standard yardstick gymnasts. And, although I think that as such "standard" figures are not so common, I still decided to devote time to this topic and made such a table.


     Especially for this I measured a large number of gymnasts of different ages, as well as girls involved in dancing. In addition, I analyzed in detail all the measurements that were taken from their customers.


     Once again, I was convinced of how different can be the proportions of the body with the same height, but still I was able to deduce a more or less standard ratio of measurements for each age category.


This table shows the standard measurements of girls involved in gymnastics and dance.

Their sizes usually differ from standard measurements of ordinary children.

Since many gymnasts have a slimmer body, narrow waist, less pronounced hips.


 For convenience, I have divided the table not only by age, but also by height, size, and the total length of the suit.



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Who can use this table?


1.First of all, those who want to sew gymnastic suits of different sizes for sale.


2. Also sometimes, beginners, sewing remotely, there may be doubts about how their customers measure the gymnast. By comparing them with the measurements from the table, it is easier to assume where the error is, and in this case you can ask the customer to measure again.


3. Such mistakes sometimes occur and have the most masters of. And in order not to make an appointment with the client again for the sake of one or two brands-you can compare the available sizes with the table and find the right number.


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