Right-click on the file with the pattern.

«Open with» --> «Paint»

Top left corner: Print --> Page Setup 

Set the scale to 100%.

Scaling --> Adjust to 100%:

Then you need to check how the pattern will be placed on the sheets.

File -->  Print --> Print Preview:

Use the arrow to view the entire image:

If the sheets is much blank space, it is possible to change the orientation of the page.

--> Print -->  Page Setup --> Orientation

If the pattern location on the sheets is good, click «Print»:

Then you need to check the printer settings:

Set up one-sided printing:

Now you can print.

--> Apply --> Print


Mark the line of the cut:


First, glue the sheets in pairs, cutting the edge of one sheet and applying to another.

And then connect these large pieces together.


If you have questions on this topic-write in the comments or email: oleinaa@yandex.ru

How to print a pattern in JPEG format

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